Tanglewood – Great Place to Listen and Learn Music

One of the music venues in Stockbridge and Lenox, Massachusetts is the Tanglewood. It is considered as the summer house of Boston Symphony Orchestra which starts from 1937. This is also the home of the 3 music schools; Tanglewood Music Centre, Boston University Tanglewood Institute and Days in the Art. Aside from the classical music, the Tanglewood also hosted the Jazz Festival, Festival of Contemporary Music, concerts of famous artists as well as the frequent appearances of John Williams, Boston Pops and James Taylor.

History of Tanglewood

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In the year 1936, Mary Aspinwall Tappan gave the two hundred ten acre Tanglewood estate to Boston Symphony Orchestra. Mary Aspinwall Tappan is the offspring of the abolitionist Lewis Tappan and William F. Sturgis who is a Chinese merchant. While staying in the so called Little Red House which is under the estate of the Tappan family, Hawthorne was able to write Tanglewood Tales. This Tanglewood Tales was written in the year 1853 in which this is the re-wiring of some of the Greek myths for girls and boys. Its title was made because of the dense tangle trees covering the ground. After finishing their mansion in the year 1865, William Aspinwall Tappan called as Tanglewood estate. He is the owner of this manor house.


The Tanglewood performances can be easily traced back in 1936. This is the first concert of the BSO or Boston Symphony Orchestra which was held in Berkshires. They have performed their concerts under the enormous tent in the year 1937 and it is mostly done during summer. While the BSO is performing the all-Wagner concert, intense thunderstorm has occurred and their tent collapsed. Because of this incident, Serge Koussevitzky was discouraged to have their concerts at Tanglewood not unless there will be built a permanent building. He is the music director of the orchestra which refused to set another concert on the succeeding summer not unless strong building will be built for their performance.

After a year, Koussevitzky Music Shed was built which is simply known as the Shed. This is a fan-shaped building that contains 5, 100 chairs. This gives the Boston Symphony Orchestra permanent and safe open-air shed where they can perform safely. After two years, Serge Koussevitzky the conductor have introduced summer school that can cater 300 fresh and young musicians approximately. This summer school is now called as Tanglewood Music Centre which is known before ass Berkshire Music Centre.

Every summer, Boston Symphony Orchestra performs in Koussevitzky Music Shed except for some intervals in the year 1942 to 1945. These intervals happened during the cancellation of summer school and concerts from the Trustees because of the World War II. In the year 1959, the Koussevitzky Music Shed was modernized through the acoustic designs of BBN Technologies. The BSO have acquired their contiguous Highwood estate in the year 1986 and property area was increased for about 40%. In 1994, Seiji Ozawa Hall was constructed as the new property.

What are the Facilities?

In 1938, Koussevitzky Music Shed was initiated. There was a major refurbishment of acoustic in the year 1959. Unnamed originally, Koussevitzky Music Shed was re-devoted to the founder of TMC in the year 1988. Some of the TMC and BSO orchestra performances are set here.

Seiji Ozawa Hall started in 1994. This is the common place where Tanglewood chamber performances are held together with TMC orchestra performance. This was designed by the William Rawn Architects, Associates, Inc. in Boston Massachusetts. The Seiji Ozawa Hall received many awards. It was ranked as Second Best Concert Halls of U.S which was built 50 years later, fourth Best Concert Halls and the 13th Best Concert Hall nationwide from Opera Houses and Leo Beranek’s Concert Halls. Seiji Ozawa Hall received many awards because of its architecture and it includes National American Institute of Architects Honour Ward for Interior Architecture in the year 2000. It also received the award National American Institute of Architects Honour Award for Architecture in the year 1995. Most of the acoustics of this hall came from the architect R. Lawrence Kierkegaard. He designed the award winning acoustics of Seiji Ozawa Hall.
Chamber Music Hall, Aaron Copland Library, Theatre and other administrative practice and performance buildings spread throughout the grounds of Tanglewood.

Tanglewood Young Musicians

Tanglewood have provided the musical training on Tanglewood Music Centre which benefits the pre-professional and young musicians. This training was initiated as addition to presenting world-renowned performances of jazz, classical as well as popular music. They also have BUTI or Boston University Tanglewood Institute which is constructed for the benefit of the high school learners. And for the middle school learners, they have the DARTs or Days in the Arts. Some of the youth-symphony groups have presented their concert at Ozawa Hall or Music Shed which includes Norwalk Youth Symphony which came from Empire State Youth Orchestra, Norwalk, Connecticut, Albany, New York as well as the Greater Boston Youth Symphony.

Tanglewood Music Festival

Tanglewood Music Festival is one of the music festivals which are held during summer. This festival is presented at the estate of Tanglewood in Lenox and Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Tanglewood Music Festival is composed of concerts that includes chamber music, symphonic music, musical theatre, pop music, choral music, jazz and contemporary music. One of the main performers of this festival is the BSO or Boston Symphony Orchestra however other groups also became part of the concert. Boston Symphony Orchestra is considered as the top and leading musical festivals in U.S and around the world.

Once you have been into this place, you would surely love to spread your picnic blanket, slap-up meal and feel every beat of their music. This is a good thing to do while waiting for the sun to set and for the stars to unveil. Summer is the best time to visit Massachusetts and watch their orchestra as they play live songs. Tanglewood Music Festival shares their music every summer and it is a great time to be part of their music festival. You will be able to discover why they are considered as the leading music festival in the world.